What Kind of Person Calls Uber for a 500-Mile Ride to Work, and Leaves a $300 Tip? This Guy.

What Kind of Person Calls Uber for a 500-Mile Ride to Work, and Leaves a $300 Tip? This Guy.

This is the heart-warming story you need right now.

By Alesandra Dubin

We've heard some crazy rideshare stories... like the driver whose airport pickup turned out to be her boyfriend's side chick. Or the woman desperate to see her boyfriend, who took the world's longest Uber ride, into another state, to get there. But look out, y'all: That record has fallen. And there's a pretty epic buddy story behind it.

Here's how it went down: Buffalo Bills cornerback Shareece Wright was in a pinch Sunday night when he got stuck at the Chicago airport with no flights available to get him to the team's voluntary workout... in New York. So he called Uber.

The driver who came in a Nissan Altima was 26-year-old Hadi Abdollahian — who was pretty confused about the unusual request at first.

“He told me Buffalo and I thought he meant Buffalo [Wild Wings] grill,” Abdollahian told The Washington Post. “So I said, ‘Yeah, for sure.’" (Ah, to be young and hungry with lots of time!)

The pair then spent eight hours together on the road, leaving O’Hare around 11 p.m. and arriving at the Bills practice facility in Orchard Park, before 7 a.m. on Monday. All told, it was a journey of about 540 miles.

The trip cost $632.08, through the app, but the player spent a total of about $930 after tip.

And it wasn't just the length of the ride that was behind such a hefty gratuity — but the fact that the pair became buddies along the way, according to The Post.

They got personal, talking about their families and histories, including Abdollahian's relocation from Turkey as part of a United Nations refugee program. And they plan to remain in touch — as personal friends.

By the way? Bills sponsor BlueRock Energy has offered to match the $932.08 tab as a thanks to the driver for his service.

It seems there's still some good in the world.

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