Chocolate Fries and Fateful Tacos: The Week in Important Food News

Chocolate Fries and Fateful Tacos: The Week in Important Food News

The biggest edible headlines of the week, ICYMI.

By Tamara Palmer

Missed this week's major food headlines? Not to worry. Here are some of the most vital developments:

•A too-large taco order might have ultimately led to the recapture of notorious Mexican druglord El Chapo. [New York Times]

•McDonald's in Japan tests the merit of drizzling chocolate sauce over French Fries with the McChoco Potato; USA, take note! [CNN]

•LocoL, the new fast food chain from star chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson that was one of The Feast's most anticipated restaurants of the year, has debuted its healthy "burgs" and "nugs" in Southern California. [Los Angeles Times]

•Mamma Mia! An ABBA-themed restaurant has opened in the legendary pop group's native Sweden. [Eater]

•Meet the NutriRay3D, a new laser that scans any plate of food to reveal its nutritional content and calories and render a three-dimensional map on your phone. [Foodbeast]

•Whoa! A Polish citizen considered one of the world's most wanted men was found working at a Subway sandwich shop near a police station in England. [Mirror]

•10-year-old New York company Olo has raised $40M in a quest to become the of food delivery giants, which will involve using drivers from services like Uber and Postmates to get your food there faster. [Tech Crunch]

•Meanwhile, Uber's UberEats service will expand into 10 cities in March. [Wall Street Journal]

•Now you too can make Samoas, arguably the best Girl Scout Cookies ever, at home. [Food52]

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