5 Food Secrets Christie Brinkley Swears By to Keep Her Model-Fit at 63

5 Food Secrets Christie Brinkley Swears By to Keep Her Model-Fit at 63

She's not even afraid of eating dairy.

By Bryce Gruber

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably already seen Christie Brinkley's latest spread in Sports Illustrated. No big deal, right? Just a totally hot mom with her fully grown daughters looking like the queen of the supermodel scene, right? Take a step back, breathe, and now digest that Christie Brinkley is obviously superhuman, because at 63 years old, she's better looking than just about all the 19-year-olds running around the beaches of the world.

How does she do it? If you ask her, she credits it to good genes and a great lifestyle—and that means she values what she's putting in her body as much as whatever she's doing with the outside. Because the universe is a just place, Brinkley has actually shared some of her food secrets in an effort to better all the plebians of the world.

1. She's not afraid of caffeine

Unlike a lot of health-obsessed celebs, Christie Brinkley is as real as it gets and makes it known that her level of gorgeous requires fuel, and that fuel is coffee. "Every morning I make myself a cappuccino with drawing in the foam," she tells Harpers Bazaar. "I post them to instagram with the hashtag #christiecappuccino." Even her coffee is so much more elegant than ours.

2. She's obviously not afraid of dairy, either

OMGAWD, she's possibly the only celeb who consumes dairy openly. If her cappuccino with foam uploads weren't enough, fear not, she talks openly about her love of a giant bowl of yogurt each morning for breakfast here.

3. She loves prosecco

Who doesn't? While we're not sure she's guzzling the bubbly stuff daily, she is the boss lady at an organic prosecco label and has been known to upload many, many images of herself sipping the sweet life.

4. She drinks a lemon water cocktail each day, too

According to this interview with New York Magazine, Christie Brinkley is likely cleansing her liver of all that coffee and bubbly wine each day by starting with a glass of warm water, fresh squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper and manuka honey. That's the sort of health drink we'd expect a supermodel to drink exclusively, and from a scientific standpoint, it makes us wonder if all those ingredients in unison are so uniquely powerful that they make caffeine, dairy and alcohol legit. We will continue to study this closely and perhaps add in control carbs just to temper the experiment.

5. She's really into being a vegetarian

She's strictly vegetarian and occasionally a vegan, but focuses heavily on just not eating animals. She's not willing to commit to full-on veganism because of dairy, and literally, "Because, you know, Italy exists." That's a real quote from her New York Magazine interview, we swear, and if that doesn't make you love CB as much as you love cheese, well, sheesh. She hasn't had so much as a bite of meat since middle school, though.

Here's Brinkley back in the day, and she still looks stunning as ever.

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