Watch the Moment That A Cloned Puppy Meets Her “Mom” for the First Time

Watch the Moment That A Cloned Puppy Meets Her “Mom” for the First Time


By Kristyn Pomranz

Back around Mother’s Day, we shared the extremely touching story of a dog who traveled 400 miles to Kentucky in order to be reunited with her true dog mom. This story of a two-month-old Yakutian Laika puppy named Kyrachana is not so different—except her “mom” did not birth her. Rather, she donated part of her ear in order to create a mini clone.

The science of cloning is not without controversy (and is, in fact, banned in some regions), but Kyrachana was cloned with good reason. The Yukutian Laika breed has been in drastic decline, and the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea is looking to save the breed. (This particular laboratory has also dedicated efforts to cloning top military and police dogs.)

Now that Kyrachana is two months old, she is able to return to Russia and live with her “original mom.” When the two meet, the resemblance is stunning (they are more twins than mother-daughter!) and they immediately start communing with lots of jumps and kisses.

While we will forever be advocates of rescue and adoption, we do agree that cloning with the purpose of saving a breed (or a species!) potentially has merit. But just for the record, this does not include paying $50,000 to clone your dead dog, people. #AdoptDontClone

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