D'oh! Passenger's Clueless Name for Wi-Fi Hotspot Forces Plane's Grounding

D'oh! Passenger's Clueless Name for Wi-Fi Hotspot Forces Plane's Grounding

It was a pretty terrifying — and dumb — choice.

By Alesandra Dubin

File under: Don’t be an idiot.

That’s one possible word to describe a traveler who came up with a clever (ahem) name for a personal Wi-Fi hotspot… and then proceeded to board a passenger jet (or at least get close to it) and mess up everyone else’s day.

The incident happened on a Qantas flight in Australia, where a passenger on the flight QF481 noticed a Wi-Fi hotspot named — wait for it — "Mobile Detonation Device.” That passenger then advised a member of the flight crew about the worrisome situation, according to The West Australian.

It wasn’t immediately obvious to whom the hotspot was connected. (To be clear, we do not mean to implicate the child pictured in the stock photo; he is merely there to spark your imagination about the possible culprit.) The flight crew member let the pilot know what was going on, and the pilot then announced a message to the passengers: The news was that the device attached to the questionable name would need to be found before the flight could leave the ground.

Some passengers — actually about 40! — were so freaked out by the announcement that they wanted to de-plane, and it took extra time to remove their luggage as well.

Eventually after an investigation, the flight left Melbourne for Perth and landed safely. But the 6:50 p.m. flight ended up leaving at nearly 10 p.m. local time, according to Mashable — more than a three-hour delay over a bad-taste Wi-Fi password someone thought was cute in the age of terrorism.

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