Can You Name the Famous Artworks That Inspired These 3 Incredible Cocktails?

Can You Name the Famous Artworks That Inspired These 3 Incredible Cocktails?

What's more impressive than a legendary artwork? A legendary artwork you can drink.

By Marcy de Luna

Buying a world-famous artwork has never been so easy: At Artesian, a chic bar at Hong Kong's The Langham Hotel, one of the most renowned masterpieces of all time can be yours. The only catch is, you won't be able to hang it on the wall. You'll have to drink it instead.

The bar has just debuted a trio of cocktails that resemble some of the most legendary, sought-after paintings by Salvador Dali, Vincent van Gogh and Piet Mondrian. Created by bar manager Rajendra Limbu, each drink has a sketch of its namesake artwork handpainted onto a frothy layer of egg white.

"The Starry Night” cocktail (pictured below) is Post-Impressionism in a glass, with its stunning resemblance to van Gogh’s night sky filled with swirling clouds and a bright crescent moon. The jaw-dropping drink is made with a potent mix of three liqueurs: hazelnut, sweet orange, and an Italian herbal blend, plus coconut-flavored rum, fresh lime juice, and bitters made with cacao, cinnamon and spice.

Salvador Dali's “The Persistence of Memory” cocktail is capped off by a melting clock painted on the foamy egg-white topping, and continuing along one side of the glass. As for the drink itself: Smoky mezcal, orange-flavored cognac, ginger-flavored liqueur, orange bitters and orange juice combine to create a surreally delicious concoction (pictured below).

Piet Mondrian’s “Tableau I” is the inspiration behind this cocktail  (pictured below), topped with a likeness of the artist's Cubist composition in primary colors. Sip it and and you'll be hit with a bracing blend of dry gin, elderflower liqueur and aromatic yellow-green French liqueur, along with lemon bitters, fresh lemon juice and a dash of sweet grenadine.

Tempted? Get yourself to Artesian immediately. The drinkable artworks (priced at HK $158 each, or about $20 US) are only available between March 23 and April 30.

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