Coffee Jelly Is the New Raindrop Cake, and It's So Easy to Make at Home

Coffee Jelly Is the New Raindrop Cake, and It's So Easy to Make at Home

These cold, bittersweet coffee cubes will make your brain cells jiggle.

By The Feast Staff

Remember the raindrop cake? And how it sparked a momentous national debate over whether it's actually a cake or not? If your answer is "no" or "who cares," you can move right along—because now there's a new wiggly dessert sensation to gawk at. It's called coffee jelly, and unlike the raindrop cake, it won't be starting any bar brawls over semantics. This stuff is just what it says it is: Coffee jelly. Jelly made from coffee.

It's as simple as it sounds, but surprisingly exciting to consume—either as a solid version of your favorite breakfast drink, or as a bittersweet dessert topped with cream. 

As HuffPo reports, coffee jelly is actually nothing new: It's been traced back to England in the early 19th century. But since the jelly turned up recently at a certain colossal coffee chain's Japanese branches, it's ignited an international craze.

Want to taste the magic? You can make coffee jelly at home by just brewing up coffee, mixing it with sugar and diluted gelatin powder from the supermarket, refrigerating the blend in a pan, and slicing it up into cubes once it sets. Easy as that. This short video shows you how, and demonstrates how you can just add cream to turn the coffee jelly cubes into a beautiful dessert fit for an elegant dinner party. Or, better yet, a late-night caffeinated TV binge. Be still our heart:

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