Major Grocery Store Has A Weird Goose Offering You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Major Grocery Store Has A Weird Goose Offering You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Going above and beyond for their "customers"!

By Kristyn Pomranz

At a Whole Foods in Littleton, Colorado, a pair of geese have taken up residence in a patch of grass on a parking lot island. After noticing the unlikely animals lurking around the same spot for a few days, store employees eventually discovered three geese eggs underfoot.

Since Canadian geese can become aggressive—especially when keeping watch over babies—the local wildlife authorities advised leaving them in their spot. As such, the geese now have a special barricade with a warning sign that reads, “Please keep your distance from our feathered friends. They may display aggressive behavior. Please take caution. Canada geese are protected by federal and state laws.”

Store employees have also gifted the geese with a kiddie pool so that the fowl can continue to swim and drink as they wait for their goslings to hatch. The anticipated due date is May 5th, and the Whole Foods team leader, Tony Nemec, is both excited and protective.

“We’re hoping they’ll be safe,” Nemec told WCSH News. “We have the police and animal control on call.” The plan is to stay vigilant and see what happens—but if necessary, authorities will lead both mama and babies back to the pond across the street once it’s safe to do so.

The mother Goose couldn’t have picked a better brand to be her birthing center—Whole Foods refuses to sell fois gras due to its unethical treatment of geese.

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