7 Coping Strategies for Surviving Travel With Your Siblings or Best Friends

7 Coping Strategies for Surviving Travel With Your Siblings or Best Friends

Hint: It helps if you like each other before you start out.

By Tamara Palmer

Traveling with a brother or sister — or best friend who's close enough to be an actual sibling — sounds dreamy if you feel uber-close to those folks. But yeah, no matter how close you may feel under normal conditions, travel can test the strength of those relationships. If you want to still be on speaking terms when you get home, here are some tips that can help.

1. Hold a family meeting.

It can take place in person, via text, or by email, but the important idea is to have a family meeting that gives each person time to speak up about what they want to do on their trip that appeals to their specific interests.

2. Insist on some 'you' time.

Part of that meeting can include acknowledging that some of your activities might best be done apart. "Respect each other's space," says Lenny Burden, who performs with his brother Lawrence Burden as Octave One, a live techno act that travels extensively. The Burden brothers do about 70 live shows a year around the globe, and have jet-setted together for decades without killing each other. "There are times when you need to be together, but there are times when you don't," he says. "If it's in the budget, have your own hotel room for extended times out."

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3. Delegate responsibilities.

Are you traveling to many places, or will you do many activities at your one destination? If there are a lot of details that need managing. "Establish clearly who will be responsible for what," advises Burden. One person might make all the meal reservations, for example, while another handles any transportation arrangements.

4. Load up on apps.

The navigator is the most respected person on any trip, and you'll emerge successful — and with the least friction between travel partners — if you come pre-loaded with the latest in efficient travel apps for the most seamless travel experience possible. If nothing else, get you some Google Translate.

5. Turn it into a project.

Start a podcast, Instagram feed or blog like The Travel Sisters or Twins That Travel and extend the memories and bond beyond the life of the trip.

6. Compromising is essential.

Opinions are inevitably going to clash on something at some point; it's only totally normal. But how you react to squabbles can have a profound impact.

"It's OK to disagree. Fighting is not [OK]," says Burden. "You are different people and you probably won't look at every situation the same. Giving in on things that really don't matter to you is not a loss, but a win. You'll get some peace out of it."

7. Think like a team.

"At the end of the day, you are a team," says Burden. "Let nothing or no one jack up the bond. You might be out there to work, or whatever the reason, but you're also there to take care of one another. Have each other's back 100 percent."
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