If You Think the Mona Lisa is a Piece of Trash, This Cat Toy is for You!

If You Think the Mona Lisa is a Piece of Trash, This Cat Toy is for You!

We can all agree that Leonardo da Vinci was garbage, right?

By Kristyn Pomranz

Art historians will cite dozens of reasons why the Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the known world. Her “enigmatic expression,” “the monumentality of the composition,” the subtle modelling of forms…”

But there are two people that don’t care about any of that: The lady who threw acid on the painting in 1956, and all cats.

In fact, one might say that cats care so little for the “masterpiece” that if you took it off the wall of the Louvre and placed it directly in front of them, they’d probably scratch it to bits with complete disregard for its $790 million dollar value. Da Vinci enthusiasts probably wouldn’t be very pleased, but there is something pretty funny (albeit sacrilegious) about the visual.

Designer Erik Stehmann clearly agreed, because he dreamt up the Copycat Art Scratcher. He shares the inspiration on his website: “When my cats attacked an embroidered painting at home, I was able to see the humor in it, resulting in the idea for the Copycat Art Scratcher. After much investigation, we have found a technique to copy masterpieces onto sisal, resulting in a painting allowed to be scratched.” As such, your cats can now destroy precious artwork simply for the love of scratching.

The Copycat Art Scratcher is available for purchase at Lord Lou Luxury Pet Furnishings in Mona Lisa (for ~$202) or Girl with Pearl Earring (for ~$226).

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