Literally Just a Bunch of Corgis Having the Best Time EVER at So Cal Corgi Beach Day

Literally Just a Bunch of Corgis Having the Best Time EVER at So Cal Corgi Beach Day

'Cause y'know what your beach day needs? MORE CORGIS.

By Kristyn Pomranz

In the past few years, Corgis have evolved from a seemingly stuffy, uppercrust "Queen's dog" to the collective favorite breed of the internet at large. Blame it on their comical proportions (those short little legs! the big fat 'tocks! the oversized ears!) or their seemingly permanent smiles no matter the situation, but either way, it's understandable why these squat little doggos have taken over the world wide web.

And y'know what people love even more than dogs? Dogs on the beach, which is probably why the So Cal Corgi Beach Day was created. Founded in 2012 by So Cal Corgi Nation ("a group of Corgi enthusiasts and their low riding canine friends"), the first stubby summit gathered a mere 15 dogs, but since then, it has become a tri-annual event with over 1,000 dogs in attendance at each gathering. (Corgis come from all over the globe to celebrate!)

The event is lead by official corgi host Mr. Pickles, and it features meet-and-greets, limbo contests, pie contests, photo ops, food trucks, giveaways, talent competitions, costumes, and every other element of dog fun you can imagine. The best part? The organization donates a portion of their proceeds to the Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue, a non-profit that specializes in rescuing and rehoming corgi and corgi-mixes from kill shelters.

Here are some of our favorite photos from the So Cal Corgi Beach Day Summer 2017 event.

@supercorgi_jojo strutting his stuff at Corgi Beach Day

A post shared by Soli Jones (@solijonesphoto) on

ERMAGEHRD IM HAVING SO MUCH FUN #corgi #corgisofinstagram #socalcorgibeachday

A post shared by Kevin Yen (@angrypenguin04) on

Hobbeservation #79: #tbt Nothing better than feeling the sand between my paws at @socalcorgibeachday 🐠⚓☀

A post shared by Hobbes, the Corgi (@hobbeservations) on

Onward, hooman! #corgi #corgisofinstagram #socalcorgibeachday

A post shared by Kevin Yen (@angrypenguin04) on

out here riding waves 🌊 #corgibeachday was a blast!

A post shared by Sophie 🌸 (@soapythecorgi) on

"Officer, I surely can not be the perpetrator, LOOK AT ME!" 🚓👮🙈 #socalcorgibeachday

A post shared by 🐶 Kingston (@kingstondacorgi) on

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