Worried the End Is Near? Now You Can Drop an Ominous Emergency Food Kit Into Your Grocery Cart Like NBD

Worried the End Is Near? Now You Can Drop an Ominous Emergency Food Kit Into Your Grocery Cart Like NBD

Right atop your cases of La Croix.

By Drew DiSabatino

It seems there are more days now than ever before that we find ourselves asking, "Is the world coming to an end all around us?" And we're pretty sure it's not just us over here.

Consider how many factors that make it all suddenly feel way more in the realm of possibility: Climate change. Nuclear destruction. Super Zika?! Sorry — just the messenger.

So it does seem totally within reason that some of us might already be working on some sort of emergency plan — perhaps a nuclear fallout shelter in the backyard. With a vibe that says "cozy, modern, chic" but also "sturdy protection from nukes."

And one retailer, where you might likely already do some of your shopping, is banking on the culture of people inclined to do just that. Guys, Costco has you covered.

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Yes, Costco, your favorite place for buying everything from a lifetime supply of olive oil to truck tires — all while satiated from an array of in-store samples — is now offering a head-scratching new bulk product: a $999.99 emergency food kit to keep you and earth's other surviving members fed for a full year.

According to the Detroit Free Press the food kit features 100 different one-gallon cans of rations filled with rice, granola, apples, corn, beef, chicken, milk, peaches, strawberries, wheat, sugar, and, thankfully, salt. (Nothing worse than bland emergency rations... except whatever scenario forced you to eat emergency rations.)

All in all, the kit combines to make 6,200 servings of food. But if that doesn't sound like enough for you and your clan, larger food kits are available with more food servings at price points at $3,999.99 and $5,999.99. If you're not already sold, the cans also boast a 25-year shelf life, so you can buy now without having to worry about your food stores expiring if the apocalypse takes its sweet-ass time getting here.

Uh, happy shopping?

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