Couples Admit the Strangest Thing People Gave Them as a Wedding Gift

Couples Admit the Strangest Thing People Gave Them as a Wedding Gift

What is this and what do I do with it?

By Jen Glantz
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5 Ways to Be a Great Wedding Guest

If there’s one piece of advice you should stick to as a wedding guest, besides not getting sloshed at the open bar or giving an uninvited toast at the reception, it’s to stick to the registry or go with cash when it comes to figuring out a gift. There’s a reason why the couple handpicked exactly what they wanted, so there’s really no reason to stray, even if you know you they are going to love it.

Check out how the sweet gesture backfiredmfor these four couples.

1. A bench

“We had a table for gifts at our wedding, expecting people to give us envelopes with money or just small items from our registry. All of a sudden, I go over to the table and I see a bench. Yes, a bench. A pretty big one too. It probably fits three people. It had my husbands initials and mine on it. We were both shocked and laughed pretty hard. The worst part was, we had no idea how to get the bench home at the end of the night. We thought about just leaving it at the venue but we didn’t. It’s so random.” – Claire D., 28

2. A coupon book

“I’d say that the oddest gift we got was from my husband’s aunt who gave us a coupon book. These coupons were not for stores but for her own personal services, like she offered to knit us a new blanket or help us paint our new house. It was super crafty and cute, but money would have been good enough to us.” – Reese W., 31

3. A Bonsai tree

“One of our guests, an old friend from college, didn’t give us a gift at the wedding and we honestly didn’t think anything of it. We appreciated the fact that a lot of our guests traveled from all over the place to join us on the special day so we didn’t care if people didn’t give us a gift. But then three days after our wedding, we get a knock on our door, at our house, and we got a Bonsai tree delivered, sent by that guest. We were completely shocked by the gift and thought it was strange, but now we kind of like it.” – Christine P., 34

4. A gift card to a baby store

“A guest gave us a gift card to a local baby boutique with a card that said, ‘For your next adventure.’ It was pretty strange because we are in no rush to have kids and we are also really young to have kids. But this person clearly wanted us to get the hint that kids were next.” – Roxy W., 26

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