More And More Couples Are Building Separate Master Bedrooms In Their Homes

More And More Couples Are Building Separate Master Bedrooms In Their Homes

Because décor can play a big role in keeping your sanity.

By Delaina Dixon

There’s one thing America’s new first lady is making fashionable, and it’s all about the boudoir. And by that, we mean having a separate one from her presidential spouse. According to some reports, Melania Trump doesn’t even share a bedroom with Donald when she is in the White House. Signs of relationship strife? Actually, it just might come down to a simple difference in taste.

Many couples already have their own separate wardrobe space -- having separate master bedrooms is just taking it one step further, according to interior designer Tyler Wisler of Tyler Wisler Home.

One of the reasons couples opt for separate evening quarters “is to have very distinct spaces catered just to them,” he explains. “It really is no different than a His and Hers closet, just with a bunch more furniture.”

When it comes to your resting spot for the night, experiencing a true relaxation is key – something that can be compromised when couples have different nighttime rituals.

“When I’m ready for bed, I need pure, utter silence,” says Vanessa, 38, from Milford, CT. “My husband likes to surf the web and put on his favorite music to fall asleep to. All that light and sound, it drives me crazy.”

To solve their dilemma, her husband starting retreating to their spare bedroom in the evenings.

“We quickly realized we were much more calm and kind to one another and the rest of our family when we had our own spaces to chill out in and in our own way,” Vanessa shares. “And now we have two different spots when we want to have a little nighttime fun.”

While separate master bedrooms may be becoming more of the norm, Tyler says it still may be a bit taboo to discuss among mixed company. “This is a very personal and private move to make publicly to someone – even their designer,” he reveals.

So while couples may not entirely trust the world with their nighttime secrets, Tyler does have some suggestions on what every bedroom should have – whether it’s shared or single. “All master bedrooms need a cozy nook or corner,” he declares. “You don't necessarily need to just be in your bed when in the bedroom; a super comfy lounge chair to surf the web on your tablet, read a book, or even just a place to slip your shoes on and off, is something I always incorporate into my spaces.”

And don’t worry, he’ll keep it your secret.

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