Couples Who Strip Club Together - Is It Healthy?

Couples Who Strip Club Together - Is It Healthy?

Let's just say you have to have major trust. 

By Marianne Garvey

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have done it.
We’re talking gone on a date at a strip club together.

The two hit the Penthouse Executive Club in New York together, booking a private room with two pole dancers before picking up the tab, sources tell Page Six.

In 2014, Miley Cyrus hit a Miami strip club with then boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger and had a wild time making it rain, reports TMZ.

Strip-club dates have become a more acceptable "date night" outing for couples, says one employee of Sapphire club in New York City.

But what goes on besides lap dances? It’s not just all men stuffing G-strings with dollar bills. Many strip clubs have also shifted to provide couples with special packages—everything from nurse fantasies to picking a favorite girl to join you for dinner are available.

A few examples:

At Sapphire, there is a “menu” to choose from if you want a date night at a club with your significant other.

“[You can] Have your partner blindfolded, restrained, and taken on a blind journey to one of Sapphire’s private rooms. For 10 minutes, you and your partner will enjoy a 10 minute performance by one of Sapphire's Gems,” the employee says.

Also on the menu is “The Fatal Attraction Fantasy,” where you get two hours of a dancer dressed as a sexy nurse or teacher.

There’s the “50 Shades of Sapphire’s S&M Experience,” where a dominatrix guides you and your partner in a 30 minute experience.

“Pick your Poison Ivy” lets you work with hosts to pick “the perfect model entertainer” for you and your partner. Have her pick you up or join you for dinner.

Executive Chef Thomas Perone will prepare a custom tasting menu for you if you choose to get “Romeo & Juliet’s Aphrodisiac Tastings.” From toasted aphrodisiac oysters to strawberries dipped in chili infused chocolate, all the food is designed to enhance your libido.

The “Eyes Wide Shut” photo shoot gets you and your partner a professional erotic photographer to create a shoot during your visit.

The club’s couple-themed scavenger hunt gives you clues developed specifically for you, both around the city and in the club, which lead you back to your partner.

Many couples choose the Kamasutra Private Rooms, where you book a private room with one (or multiple) dancers. You can even pick your own music for your private party.

Strip clubbing can be a good thing for couples, says Sari Cooper, a sex counselor and founder of the Center For Love and Sex.

“Here’s the thing, as long as a role-play or fantasy or sex adventure is a full consensual experience and one partner isn’t feeling emotionally coerced or threatened it can be really fun.” Sari says. “Some people have fantasies and they just want to talk about or think about it, then there are people who like to act them out.”

She adds that being able to go somewhere you can role-play, or learn some new techniques, maybe bring a third for the night into your relationship can be healthy.

“Because it’s a professional experience and there are boundaries associated with it, the couple can say ‘this person doesn’t have anything to do with our lives outside these four walls,’ If you trust one another to say we’re going to keep this agreement and trust in a non-monogamous activity, it can be wonderful to adding a new adventure to your coupledom. The foundation to any sort of healthy sex life is trust.”

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