Crack Candy Is the Crazy-Addictive Dessert We Can't Stop Eating

Crack Candy Is the Crazy-Addictive Dessert We Can't Stop Eating

A salted cracker with sweet, velvety chocolate is the drug we've been waiting for this season.

By Bryce Gruber

If you haven't heard of crack candy by now, it's time to get out from under that rock. This salty-sweet small batch stuff is everywhere, and the kind we're talking about is totally legal (and SFW). Most chefs agree that there are only two possibilities for why the candy has that name: either because it's overwhelmingly addictive, or because it's cracker-based and does indeed crack when you eat it.

"Crack Candy is basically where the sexy, soft, sweet caramel chocolate chew marries the handsomely rugged, salty, crispy, baked Saltine cracker," explains Sarah Lasry, a cookbook author and professional recipe developer.

You can make your own, buy a package, or just lust after the salty-sweetness on the internet. Here are a few we can't get enough of:

1. Classic crack candy rocks

The original recipe calls for Saltine crackers, and Lasry wants the world to know that substituting Saltines with other crackers could very well be a grave mistake. "You must use the Saltines. Don't use Ritz crackers or graham crackers—it's just not the same! And oh, good milk chocolate chips always!" Since Saltines are cheap enough as it is, don't even think of skimping on the other ingredients. Lasry based her variation off the popular recipe by Trisha Yearwood.

2. There's a coconut version, too

Blogger Yomnoms shows us her easy-to-make DIY crack candy recipe too, and it involves shredded coconut, because sometimes crack tastes a little like Mounds candy bars.

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3. You can also make savory crack

A company called Chocolate Twist is upping the cracker ante and swapping out Saltines for Cheezits. The Cheezits are bathed in milk chocolate, white chocolate ganache and rosemary caramel. Yeah, rosemary caramel is a thing. Get involved. It retails for $7 per order here.

4. The Miami version has nuts and sprinkles

Is there anything more Miami than a sweet, salty treat decorated with modern art-inspired toppings? "Ours is a classic holiday treat and only available for special order between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day," says custom confectioner Amber Love. "It can be made in several variations including with nuts, without nuts, with candy candy crumbles, or sprinkles. The most loved recipe is with semi-sweet chocolate with walnuts on top." Her crack candy retails for $20-30 per batch.

5. You can load it up with grocery-store candy

Crack candy doesn't just abruptly end at crackers and a few schmears of chocolatey goodness: It's essentially a blank candy canvas that you can layer all sorts of other confections on, and that's exactly what Etsy seller SugarQueenSweets is doing. She calls her version of crack candy "Saltines Toffee" piles it with colorful sprinkles and all kinds of other edible doodads. Because why not?

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