These Crazy New Foods Are About to Hit Your Supermarket...

These Crazy New Foods Are About to Hit Your Supermarket...

Ever wish you could drink camel milk for breakfast?

This week, The Feast scoured some 80,000 products at the Winter Fancy Food Show trade convention in San Francisco to bring you the latest in wacky food ideas. Get ready to start off your morning with a cricket-and-camel fortified breakfast, munch on some crispy bone broth and douse everything in pork dust. And wait, there's more.

Raw Camel Milk

Here’s a secret: Camel milk has half the fat of cow's milk. It’s also a robust source of calcium, protein and potassium, and it has a slightly sweeter taste and lighter consistency than its bovine counterpart. Desert Farms’ Raw Camel Milk is made from the milk of pasture-raised, grass-fed camels that look exceedingly happy grazing in pictures on the company’s website.

Pork Dust

Regular breadcrumbs are boring, no? This year, why not bread your proteins with...even more protein? Paleo devotees and ordinary carnivores alike can agree that meat on meat is always the way to go, so you might as well fry that chicken in pork skin. How? Never fear, Pork Dust is here.

Tea Drops

Steeping tea takes way too long (who has five minutes to spare?). Today's frantic tea-lover deserves something much quicker. Enter Tea Drops, a company that makes ingenious little cubes of tea, spices and sugar that dissolve instantly in hot water.

Chocolate-Covered Jalapenos

We’ve seen a million cayenne-spiked candy bars, but chocolate-covered crispy jalapeno slices from Fire Corn Popcorn are a novel proposition. We're saying yes.

Caffeinated Water

The beverage section at the grocery store is just too overwhelming now, what with all those flavored waters. We need a caffeine jolt just to help us pick out a drink. Oh, wait, now there's caffeine-spiked water? Yes, and it's fruit-flavored too. You can thank Hint's new Kick line.

Cricket Granola

You may have heard the hype about insects as the next big protein source. Until that happens, hopefully sometime in the distant future, bugs are finding their way into chips, candies and baking ingredients via inventions like cricket flour, the unassuming, protein-rich star of Don Bugito’s new almond, cricket (flour) and coconut granola.

Instant Bone Broth

It's been a few years since regular soup broth got kicked to the curb by its trendy Paleo cousin, bone broth. So it only makes sense that instant powdered bone broth is now on its way to a grocery store near you. Imagine: In just one minute, you can ingest what it takes a caveman all day to prepare.

Bone Broth Kale Chips

If you prefer to consume all your nutrients in the form of crispy snacks you can eat in front of the TV, Kaleidoscope Foods' Bone Broth Kale Chips are for you. And because kale and bone broth are apparently not a complicated enough combo for today's chip-lover, these snacks—doused in lamb, beef or bison broth—come in flavors like Fennel with Fuji Apple. 

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