Meet Cupid, A Puppy Born Without Front Legs Who Gets Around on Skis

Meet Cupid, A Puppy Born Without Front Legs Who Gets Around on Skis


By Kristyn Pomranz

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, which means we’ve all got Cupid on the brain. NO, not that fat faux-angel who uses a crossbow to trick you into thinking love is real, but a very, very special dog.

Cupid is a rescue puppy who was born without front legs. After being left in the trash to die, a local hero found the dog and rushed it to a Toronto shelter. Two generous-hearted people volunteered to foster the puppy—whom they christened Cupid for his heart-shaped nose—and then contacted The Dog Rescuers, a non-profit dedicated to rescuing and re-homing dogs.

The Dog Rescuers coordinated with Toronto’s PawsAbility—a custom prosthetic and orthotic service just for animals—and now Cupid is learning to walk on prosthetics. Since he is only 8 weeks old and the concept of four limbs is brand-new to Cupid, PawsAbility decided to fit the prosthetics into skis: they help Cupid practice standing, navigating, and moving for short periods a few times a day.

The Dog Rescuers believe that Cupid will be ready for adoption by the end of February, and they will continue to support the sweet pup and his future owners as he grows. (They believe him to be a great Pyrenees mix, so he will most likely need larger prosthetics over time.)

Cupid’s treatment and prosthetics are fully funded through donations. If you would like to contribute, please visit The Dog Rescuers’s dedicated Cupid page.

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