These Are the 6 Most Cuddly Airport Therapy Animals in the U.S. (And You Need a Hug)

These Are the 6 Most Cuddly Airport Therapy Animals in the U.S. (And You Need a Hug)

Catch some cute overload on the way to your next destination.

By Tamara Palmer

Air travel is definitely not getting any less stressful — let's just keep it real. But a well-timed cuddle, belly rub, or nuzzle from an airport therapy animal can make all the difference to soothing jangled nerves. Whether it's a dog, horse, or pig (yes, really), the animals are all certified to be friendly and ready to love on you. Here's who to find by name and location:

LiLou the pig — San Francisco

WAG Brigade has brought therapy dogs to San Francisco International Airport since 2013, but LiLou, a two-year-old spotted Juliana pig, has pretty much stolen the show ever since she started making rotations at SFO in December. She's got a great wardrobe and is often dressed for a current occasion, such as when she recently donned John Lennon glasses to mark the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love in SF. She's got a permasmile, loves hugs and has made famous friends like renowned animal activist and scientist Jane Goodall (pictured up top).

Teddy the mini horse — Cincinnati

Teddy is just the sweetest #therapyhorse #ittybittyhorses #makingadifference #horses

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One of the new sweethearts of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is Teddy, a dashing blue-eyed mini horse that Seven Oaks Therapy Horses considers to be one of its sweetest family members. Some of his sisters have even turned into therapy unicorns on the farm back in Hamilton, Ohio. (Maybe Lisa Vanderpump could loan her pair to do the same at the Los Angeles International Airport?)

Cali the pit bull — Los Angeles

and then there was Cali; part of the Pets Unstressing Passengers [PUPs] program at LAX. #laxpup

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Pit bulls can provoke anxiety in some people, but Cali's sweet demeanor and hot pink toes disarm visitors at LAX with charm. A proud member of PUP (Pets Unstressing Passengers), she's got a thing for beef jerky and will turn six next month.

Gus and Bailey the Bernese Mountain Dog cousins — Oklahoma City

New OK frenz, I'll never leave you! 😍

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Bernese Mountain Dog cousins Gus and Bailey are known as the Berner Brigade at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City, and they're admittedly hard to tell apart. They love berries and yogurt, but they really adore people.

Sherman the maltipoo — Allentown

Sherman is a "passenger favorite" at Lehigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania and has his own little baseball card. He also seems to be the most petite in the troupe. He's right there in the middle of the picture, stealing the show.

Staff at Lehigh Valley International Airport say that Sherman is the crowd favorite. He's also by far the tiniest of the therapy crew.

Zeus the Great Pyrenees— Dallas/Ft. Worth

Seven-year-old Great Pyrenees Zeus just landed at the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, but he's already an experienced therapy dog. Just looking at that smile right now is good to immediately lower the blood pressure, and we'd imagine he'll do wonders for fearful travelers who actually get to touch this mighty love creature.

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