Desperate To Get Married? Now There's a Dating Site for That, Too

Desperate To Get Married? Now There's a Dating Site for That, Too

No one-night stands here, thanks. 

By Marianne Garvey

Dying to get married? There’s no shame in your commitment game when you join the new “dating” site, GoMarry, which is all about that long-term relationship. Those who love one-night stands and dating multiple people at once need not apply.

“It’s better than a dating site, we are a marriage relationship service for people who want to get married and start a family of their own,” the site’s owner and creator Azad Chaiwala tells Personal Space. “If this isn't you, then don't even bother signing up because you won't be bothered to answer the hundreds of questions I will force you to answer!…Those of you who join will know everyone on this site is someone serious about getting married and caring for a family just like yourself.”

Swipe your way right up the altar, as it’s the first-of-its-kind “marriage only” site where people go when they are sick of short-term meaningless relationships.

Chaiwala says it’s a practical alternative to hookup sites that the dating industry was missing, and that people shouldn’t be ashamed to admit they are looking for long-term love.

“There is no guesswork or dating someone before you realize they are just looking for a good time and not commitment,” he adds.

Instead of a typical first date, or a coffee or a hookup, Chaiwala sends his clients on “marriage meetings.”

“In marriage meetings there are a minimum of four people getting together, as opposed to dating where two people glam up, go to fancy places to woo each other in what I refer to the human equivalent of the mating dance,” he explains. “These extra people accompany each person and act as chaperones. They ensure the real you is shown and to help you get through tough questions that I provide each person to ask each other.”

It’s a serious encounter for a first date. On it, each person will answer guidebook questions called "101 Questions to Ask Each Other Before Getting Married.”

“This way all decisions are made with a cool, calm head and solid relationships are founded. With no one owing the other the customary one-night stand,” Chaiwala says.

Chaiwala says he came up with the idea after simply observing how many people (in all groups) were lonely.

“No society can continue to exist on the swipe left or right culture,” he says.

The site, launched a little over a month ago, now has 5,000 members, and estimates it will have a healthy one million users by their first anniversary. Chaiwala says those who have signed up include all types and ages of people.

“Everyone ... especially those that have had their fun and have finally come to realize that the fast meaningless relationships take their toll on their heart and this kind of lifestyle cannot be maintained forever,” he says of the sites users, adding that more women have signed up than men, and he wants to even that number out.

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