David Beckham Kissed His Daughter On The Lips And People Are Losing Their Goddamn Minds

David Beckham Kissed His Daughter On The Lips And People Are Losing Their Goddamn Minds

Here we go again. 

David Beckham loves his daughter and the two shared a sweet daddy-daughter peck which he posted to Instagram - and then half the world lost their minds.

What is the problem here?

Kiss for Daddy ❤️

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Nothing, but some commenters thought the whole thing was out of line, with one writing: “You people are sick for defending this. The truth will come out... this may have been acceptable in the 1990s but times have changed and we won't stand for it any longer. Children's innocence must be preserved.”

But most people defended David, saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with affection between a dad and his little girl. The two were on a family trip to Tanzania, with David captioning it: “Kiss for Daddy.”

“I am 28 years old and still kiss my parents and grandparents on the lips. Different cultures and families are often more affectionate than cold middle to upper class Americans. Go you, David!”

Another wrote: “What a great daddy! I love the affection of parents to their children.”

“I really wish people would get over this it's just an affectionate little kiss to his daughter that's ridiculous that people think anything different than that!” wrote one fan.

The Beckhams are no strangers to backlash when it comes to affection for their kids. On Harper’s 5th birthday, Victoria shared a cute photo on Instagram of the two of them sharing a kiss in a pool. That sparked a heated debate online as to whether or not it’s appropriate for someone to kiss their child on the lips, with some calling it “gross” and “inappropriate.”

Hilary Duff also got kiss-shamed online for pecking her son on the lips at Disneyland, but she fought back.

“Anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my four year old is ‘inappropriate’ go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgment,” she wrote on Instagram.

Personal Space had explored the topic when Hilary made her comments, with relationship expert and author Andrea Syrtash saying that kissing your child on the lips is just fine.

“There are plenty of non-sexual ways people show affection for each other,” she says. “If Victoria [Beckham] were French-kissing her daughter it should raise questions! But, a quick loving peck is sweet. In some cultures, friends greet with kisses and hold hands. Anytime you connect with your child through non-sexual touch and affection it releases oxytocin which makes you feel more bonded.”

Hear that everyone? Calm down.

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