These Basset Hounds’ Episode of MTV’s ‘Cribs’ Is the Most Iconic Since Mariah Carey’s

These Basset Hounds’ Episode of MTV’s ‘Cribs’ Is the Most Iconic Since Mariah Carey’s

Welcome back to Peak TV! Butt-warmers for all!

By Matt Russoniello

We talk a lot about living in the era of “Peak TV,” and most days, it’s easy to accept that as true. How could you disagree when The Real Housewives of Dallas continues to kill it in its second season? But the actual truth is that, in many ways, we have moved away from the real era of Peak TV, aka the era when MTV’s Cribs was transporting us into the lavish homes of the rich and famous on a regular basis.

The peak of the Cribs era of Peak TV was, of course, Mariah Carey’s game-changing 2002 appearance on the program. In just 30 minutes, Mariah wowed the world with nonstop stream of avant-garde visual non-sequiters, which included her taking a bath in a negligee, getting attacked by a dog, and working her stair-stepper in platform heels. Despite the hubbub surrounding rule-breaking shows like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Twin Peaks: The Return, the fact is that nothing has come close to matching Mariah’s joyously bizarre turn on arguably the best MTV show ever.

Until now, that is. Enter Dean and Chief the basset hounds, who, in under a minute, have done a better job of reviving the Cribs brand than MTV managed to do last year when it relaunched the show… on Snapchat. Watching this, for the first time since 2002, we feel like we are actually watching programming worthy of our attention and intellect. Dean and Chief are clearly living an enviable life, even if they cannot fully appreciate it due to their inability to climb stairs. Behold their custom butt-warmer! Envy that poolside drink service! Gawk at their fully-stocked fridge! Peak TV is back, baby, and we’ve got nobody but these floppy cuties to thank.

hey MTV! i'm dean and i'm chief. welcome to our crib! #mtvcribs *tap for sound* @chiefthebasset

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