A Room for One’s Own Pet: Dedicated Dog Bedrooms Are the New Craze for Rich AF People

A Room for One’s Own Pet: Dedicated Dog Bedrooms Are the New Craze for Rich AF People

These moochers don't even pay rent.

By Stacy Lenz

Rich people — they're just like us. They put their (very expensive) pants on one leg at a time. And also, just like us, their pets have their very own bedrooms and sometimes even their own apartments. Wait, what?

The real estate section of The New York Times recently featured a story about the hot new trend of giving your pet their very own room, which is a little bit bananas. Factor in the insanely high cost of real estate in NYC, as anyone that has ever tried to live there (or even watched a single episode of Sex in the City) will tell you, making it doubly bananas.

The pet bedrooms range from reasonable — the writer of the article has a 4x9' walk-in closet that she converted into a bunny room — to, well, unreasonable. Chauncey, a ten-year-old Yorkie living in Manhattan has moved into the guest room of his family’s apartment and it’s become his own. His owner, Lucy Swift, speaks highly of her pooch having his own en-suite bathroom, making water refills a cinch. Caroline Stern, who owns three condos in her Central Park West building, has a whole separate studio apartment for her three parrots, a cat and a Russian tortoise to reside when they aren’t with her. And then there’s the case of Margaux the yellow lab, whose dedicated bedroom has heated marble floors and specialty printed dog-patterned wallpaper.

However, this is not just a trend for the furry elite. Regular people also want to pamper their pets, except on a less grand scale, and have been creating their own dog bedrooms out of closets and little nooks under their stairs. The Real Housewives of New York’s Carole Radziwill may not necessarily be just an everyday gal, unless, um, other regular people own a 50-year-old couch given to them by a literal princess, but she still picked up on this modified trend by transforming her renovated closet into a part-time kitty den. Inspired by Carole’s kitty den, we’re sure, here are some other regulars making pet bedrooms on a budget.*
*Pet Bedrooms On a Budget is definitely the name of a TV show we would watch if anyone in programming is reading this.

Still some work to do but pups had their first night in their 'bedroom' 😍 #chihuahuasofinstagram #dogbedroom

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