Squee x 2: The Denver Zoo Welcomes Two Red Panda Cubs!!!

Squee x 2: The Denver Zoo Welcomes Two Red Panda Cubs!!!

And now we are doubly dead!

By Kristyn Pomranz

The other day, we went to the Bronx Zoo with some friends and family. After nearly six hours of scouting every single animal on display, we each had to answer the critical question, “So which was the best animal?” The unanimous answer? THE RED PANDA. 

Now, the superlativeness of the red panda is not Bronx Zoo-specific. We daresay we would have given the same response at the St. Louis Zoo or the San Diego Zoo—what with their little kitten faces and puppy dog temperaments and Pokémon-like animation. And yet the Denver Zoo is the one that has truly tapped into public opinion, because they just announced the birth of two, male red pandas.

Yup. NEWBORN RED PANDAS. That means they’re tiny.

The cubs were actually born two months ago, but according to the Denver Zoo, “The brothers have been quietly spending time behind the scenes with their mother, Faith, in a nest box. Keepers say the cubs are doing well and growing fast; they currently each weigh just over one pound.” If you would like to bear witness to the cutest animal on the planet—now in baby form!—here’s your big shot.


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