Did Ivanka Trump Just Fly Commercial to Make a Statement About Private Jets?

Did Ivanka Trump Just Fly Commercial to Make a Statement About Private Jets?

The specifics of the trip made it a first for the First Daughter.

By Alesandra Dubin
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Why Private Planes Are the Only Way to Fly

For all of her family's long-held wealth, even long before any political affiliations, Ivanka Trump is no stranger to private jet travel. So, it's typically only a newsmaking event when the First Daughter travels in a manner to which more Americans are accustomed.

That happened on Tuesday, when she boarded a commercial flight bound for Washington, D.C. after traveling alone to Detroit where she promoted efforts to get more girls involved in coding.

Naturally, she didn't plod through the security line and boarding process like everyone else, though; Secret Service agents escorted her through the airport and on her flight as photographers snapped away, according to the Daily Mail

No, this isn't the first time that the businesswoman has flown commercial: She was involved in a tussle with another passenger when she flew JetBlue with her family — in coach — back in December, when her father was the President Elect.

So why is this latest trip particularly notable, then? Well that's because, according to the Daily Mail, this trip on the commercial flight is "thought to be her first official trip not made on Air Force One or a chartered private plane."

And it comes right on the heels of a scandal involving Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, whose private jet use and accompanying expenditures — three charter jets, on three consecutive days, including a leg of just 137 miles, at a taxpayer cost of $25,000 — have triggered outrage.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, a billionaire, also flies private for government work — though it is on her own jet, reportedly at personal expense. All told, the culture in the current White House is one in which private jet travel is commonplace.

So it's certainly possible that the First Daughter was hoping her travel choice would convey a message — or at least suggest a certain empathy — through the very action alone.

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