Disabled Hedgehog Can Finally Walk Again, Thanks to Custom LEGO Wheelchair

Disabled Hedgehog Can Finally Walk Again, Thanks to Custom LEGO Wheelchair

This is so sweet we are crying!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Here at Unleashed, we try our best to focus on the positive news in the world. (Which is generally easy since we are on the puppies-and-kittens beat.) So even though this story starts out sad, we promise it’s going somewhere wonderful, so just bear with us.

Chappi is a little hedgehog who made a name for herself on the internet by being very small and very adorable while doing things like paddling her paws in a miniature bath.  Unfortunately, Chappi has recently been diagnosed with Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS), which is a degenerative disease in African hedgehogs that degrades their muscle control. As such, she has lost her ability to walk and hasn’t been able to get around for almost three months.

But her dedicated human wasn’t about to let her live a staid life. Instead, she crafted a hedgehog-sized wheelchair out of LEGOs. “As you know, my little girl can’t walk anymore, she is just too weak. We could see that she could move her little feet, so i decided to try making a wheelchair. At the beginning i had no idea how to build one, but then we discovered that @lego actually a very cheap and useful option. She’s getting used to the chair, after almost 3 months without walking. She’s a little fighter.”

Here you can see Chappi in action in her LEGO wheelchair:

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