Do Beauty Treatments Really Help Boost Self-Esteem?

Do Beauty Treatments Really Help Boost Self-Esteem?

You can fix your face, but is it fixing your insides?

By Annie Ackerman
Kim's Guide to Plastic Surgery

In a world full of magazine covers telling us our abs should be flat and our booties should be round, sometimes it’s hard to feel good about ourselves, just the way we are.

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments, like injectables, fillers, and laser hair removal, pamper us and make us project the body image we want. But it’s hard to know if these procedures will be effective in boosting a person’s self-esteem.

Terry Smith, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist said, “When we receive a positive cosmetic treatment that improves our appearance, our brain immediately registers the improvement and a cascade of signals fire rewards that say 'good job' and 'hey that's nice.' Looking better leads to feeling better, which in turn helps us relax and ultimately makes our esteem raise.”

Robin Schultz, Managing Director of Cosmetic LaserWorks Med Spa, in Beverly Hills, CA., sat down with Personal Space to discuss her views on beauty and how she approaches the needs of her patients.

Personal Space: Do you find that beauty treatments and services help your patients feel confident?

Robin Schultz: All women deserve to be appreciated, respected and admired. When a woman concentrates on her appearance, by highlighting her natural beauty, she becomes more confident.

PS: What do you tell your patients who are new to beauty treatments?

RS: New patients are apprehensive about beauty treatments. My staff and I make every effort to put them at ease. Primarily by telling them what to expect…no surprises. I always recommend choose a medical office that has been in business over 10 years. Do not fall victim to “Budget Priced Beauty Treatments.”

PS: What advice would you give to patients to learn to love themselves?

RS: Bring out the beauty that is you. Enhancing your natural beauty is always easier than trying to manufacture something that is not natural.

PS: A study by Dove found that only four percent of women around the world considered themselves to be beautiful. How do you and your team respond to that?

RS: I think in this fast-paced society some practitioners have gotten away from really listening to the patient, or they lack the expertise to help them beyond the latest beauty trend. Some say I’m a 'Beauty Confidante.' My formula with every patient is: listen, look, little. Listen- first. Often, patients tell me things they would never tell anyone else. Look- to see if what they have insecurities about is valid, or are they just buying into the latest fad. Less - use fewer treatments to get the best results, rather than just selling them a bunch of procedures they don't need."

PS: Injections, especially lip filler, seem to be popular among women. How do you go about serving your patients’ needs, if they’d like to inject more product than you and your staff recommend?

RS: This happens all the time! We take the time to educate and explain the process. It is not about the biggest bargain and buying into the latest craze. It is about the knowledge of how to achieve the best, most natural results. I believe it is important to help patients get the best results, even if it means our saying no.

PS: What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

RS: Being able to give our patients beauty care solutions that they haven’t found somewhere else! I love seeing a client walk in with a big smile, after years of dealing with scars from acne on her back, or sporting shiny lip gloss on her beautiful enhanced lips.

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