Do Flight Attendants Sleep On Long-Haul Flights?

Do Flight Attendants Sleep On Long-Haul Flights?

And if so, where?

When you're on a red-eye and desperately trying to get some sleep, wriggling around literally feeling like this must be the worst thing that's ever happened to you, well, we have two things to say to that. First of all, no matter how bad it feels, it's not the worst flight experience ever... because that honor goes to this. (Or on second thought — to this.) And second thing: It may be cold comfort, but your flight attendants might be just as tired as you are.

They work long hours (consider that the world's longest flight is 17.5 hours) and definitely need a little shuteye, so do they actually get to sleep any any point?

Well, yes: Long-haul flight crew members take turns going into a secret bedroom to nap. It's pretty hidden but you might have even noticed a little sign on a door onboard your aircraft that says, "Maximum Occupancy: 8 Crew Members, One Per Bunk." (And if you hadn't noticed it before, you may keep your eyes peeled now that you know.)

The rules for how much flight attendants can work and how many breaks they take is set by the Civil Aviation Authority.

According to Insider, most of the large Boeing 777 and 787 airliners have a secret stairway that leads up into their secrets bedrooms, which are windowless. The bedrooms are behind the cockpit, in front of first class.

On some planes, the stairs come down from an overhead compartment, up which the flight attendants crawl. On Dreamliners, for instance, beds have duvets and twin size mattresses around six feet long, stacked next to each other, with a curtain between each bed. Some elevated airlines even provide pajamas for crew members.

By the way? You're probably relieved, when you think about it, to know that your pilot has a bedroom, too. On the Boeing 777, the pilots have not just beds but also business-class seats, their own bathrooms, and ample space to spread out. And having the most rested pilots — not to mention those oh-so-essential flight crew members — sounds like a very good plan indeed.

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