Yes, You Should Be Tipping Your Dog Groomer Extra Under These Circumstances

Yes, You Should Be Tipping Your Dog Groomer Extra Under These Circumstances

But how much?

By Kristyn Pomranz

Dear Unleashed,

Am I supposed to tip my dog groomer for a normal wash and brush? Or is it just if they do a fancy haircut?

- Jeff (and his long-haired Dachshund, Waffles)

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Hi Jeff!

Thanks for writing. We didn’t even know we had an inbox! How about that!

Anyway, first thing’s first: Tips are tips for a reason. While they are always greatly appreciated by service workers, they are not mandatory—especially if you are dissatisfied with the service.

But assuming you are happy with the result, yes, it is customary to tip a groomer in the same way you would tip your barber or hairdresser: 15%–20%.

However, there are some circumstances that might warrant an even higher tip. For instance, if your dog is strongly opposed to baths or sitting still, if your dog is especially loud or yappy, if your dog is difficult with strangers, or if your dog is not especially well-trained and (oops!) had an accident or (dog forbid) nipped the handler. These are all things that make the job extra challenging, so if your groomer dealt with any of these situations (and handled them with aplomb), it is well worth adding a bonus to their tip.



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