Does Tiffani Thiessen’s Daughter Take After Mom or Dad?

Does Tiffani Thiessen’s Daughter Take After Mom or Dad?

The former teen queen has traded pom poms for snack packs.

By Hilary Sheinbaum

As kids, weekend mornings in the 90s were dedicated to watching Kelli Kapowski on Saved By The Bell. But these days, actress who played the peppy Bayside High cheerleader, ahem, Tiffani Thiessen, is focused on healthy food for her family squad, vs cheering on the football team.

When The Cooking Channel’s Dinner at Tiffani’s star isn’t on camera, the busy, on-the-go married wife of two is making sure her little ones (Harper and Holt) are well fed. She even recently helped launch Town House Crackers + Hummus, a combo snack pack — which is great for parents with eventful lifestyles like hers.

Thiessen married actor Brady Smith in 2005. Their son Holt just started preschool and their daughter Harper is in second grade. "She also is a proud Girl Scout," boasts Thiessen. "She has qualities like my husband and like myself. She is very artistic and creative like her daddy. She is also a kid who is full of energy. She goes, goes and goes ‘til she puts her head on that pillow at night – just like her mommy."

The 43-year-old and her tightknit crew are pretty active — even in their leisure time. "We recently went to Underwood Family Farms in California for their annual Fall Festival. It is truly one of our favorite things to do as a family during this time of year," says Thiessen. "It was a day filled with picking out pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, games, tractor rides and more."

Aw! How cute! We can only imagine the adorable photo opps captured that day.

When the family isn’t taking on outdoor adventures or embarking on local trips, they still find time to bond at home. "My kids love to bake with me," she says. "We make healthy muffins,etc., but we also love making homemade snacks like guacamole and fruit popsicles."

Yum! Can we get in on that?

Even though the Long Beach native is actively teaching her offspring new things — in and outside the kitchen — her children are doing the same in return, which she loves. "The biggest thing motherhood has taught me is patience," says the former teen idol.

Every 24 hours is a new adventure for the brunette. "I feel like I learn from my kids daily, says Thiessen. "When you become a parent, you of course know you will be teaching them, but I truly didn’t realize the roles would be reversed as well. My kids teach me things every day."

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