9 Wildly Expensive Dog Accessories from Some of Your Fave Luxury Designers

9 Wildly Expensive Dog Accessories from Some of Your Fave Luxury Designers

Break the bank for your fur baby!

By Matt Russoniello

Bravo's newest digital series, Furry, Fierce, and Fabulous stars the king of doggie couture Roberto Negrin as he works with everyday dogs and creates runway-ready fashions inspired by their unique adoption stories.

Every now and then, it’s important to treat yourself to a special present: a new pair of Christian Louboutins, a second house, or perhaps a small island. And dogs, like people, require similar pampering—actually if we’re being honest, they deserve it moreso, because dogs are great.

Now, you could stop in at your local pet store and pick up a new squeaky toy, but is that really the dog equivalent of a pair of Loubs? Spoiler alert: NO! Please enjoy this list of absurdly expensive dog accessories from some of your favorite designers. With products ranging from a couple hundred dollars to nearly $2 million, there’s something here for every canine-owning millionaire!

Jonathan Adler Lucite & Brass Dog Bowl ($600)

Like a pair of lucite heels, this see-through bowl set will bring a touch of class to whatever floor it’s placed upon.

Versace Baracco Pet Bowl ($754)

We’re willing to bet this is the bowl Miss Asia Kinney uses.

Swarovski Dog Throne (Price Unknown)

Whatever the price may be, it’s worth it; one can never pay too much for a literal throne, especially when it’s crystal-encrusted.

Louis Vuitton Baxter Dog Leash ($380 - $440)

Every dog owner is obligated to take her pup out for a daily walk, and why should she look poor while doing so?

Louis Vuitton Baxter Dog Collar ($315 - $380)

So you have something to attach the LV leash to, obvs.

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier ($2,690 - $2,940)

You bought the leash. You bought the collar. Now you need to shell out for the matching carrier, because nothing’s tackier than an incomplete set of LV-monogrammed leather goods.

Thom Browne Cashmere Dog Cardigan ($590)

A recent study shows that most dogs prefer the luxurious feeling of cashmere on their fur to any other sensation in the world. Style and science, together at last.

I Love Dogs Diamond Dog Collar ($1.8 Million)

If you don’t love your dog enough to buy this collar, which features 1,600 hand-set diamonds on 18 karat gold attached to crocodile leather, then you don’t love your dog period.

Harry Barker Small Natural Tweed Bed ($215)

$215 for a rather plain-looking dog bed seems pretty reasonable after reading about that diamond collar, eh?

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