Amazing New Roomba Runs On Dog Treats

Amazing New Roomba Runs On Dog Treats

(Spoiler alert: It's not an actual vacuum.)

By Stacy Lenz

Dogs are the best! They eat what we drop on the floor, howl with delight when we come home and snooze happily by our side as we write articles about viral dog videos. All in all, they're a pretty sweet deal, but there is one glaring downside: shedding dog fur gets everywhere and despite our best efforts to eradicate it from our homes, nothing really works. (And we have tested everything this side of a Shed Defender, which we haven’t tried because it was never our wish for our dog to look like an Olympic speed skater.)

But our struggles against dog fur may soon end thanks to this amazing breakthrough: It’s a vacuum that is also a dog! Rather than shed fur onto your carpet, this dog-vacuum hybrid passes over your carpet on its own! Sure, the technology to do the actual vacuuming/fur removal has yet to be invented, but we trust modern science will fill in the gaps. In the meantime, you can watch this prototype of a dog that thinks he’s a Roomba.

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