This #DogHack Will Change the Way You Bathe Your Pup FOREVER

This #DogHack Will Change the Way You Bathe Your Pup FOREVER

Feeling pretty silly that we didn’t think of this first.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Have you ever tried bathing a dog? We have, and it ain’t easy. Here’s how it usually goes down: Force dog into tub. Hold him down so he doesn’t flee once he realizes what’s coming. Wet the dog. Endure very sad whimpering. Reach for dog shampoo without taking hands off dog. Realize that’s not how reaching works. Release one hand to get shampoo. Watch dog turn into Usain Bolt as he runs out of the bathroom. Repeat ad nauseum. Maybe add barking.

But one bonafide MENSA-level genius with a dog named George has just figured out the perfect solution. No products, no gimmicks, just one tried-and-true thing that humans and animals alike have been using as enticement since the beginning of time: SNACKS.

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