The Dogs Who Never Say Die: 10 Breeds With The Longest Life Spans

The Dogs Who Never Say Die: 10 Breeds With The Longest Life Spans

Meet the puppers who live forever!

By Brienne Walsh

Want to know our #1 favorite thing about dogs? The way they never die. Yep, fun fact: Dogs live forever, so you never have to stress about losing your most loyal companion! Hooray!

Okay, maaaybe that's not 100% accurate, but there are certain breeds that are much more long-lived than others. If you’d like a dog who sticks around longer than average—and who doesn’t want that, really?— then one of these 10 longest-living breeds might be for you.

The average lifespan of a dog is 10 to 13 years, but a few breeds can live to 15 years or even longer. In fact, the oldest dog ever recorded was Bluey, an Australian Sheepdog, who died in 1939 at the age of 29. Who knows, with good care and a little luck, your dog might one day break his record!

Smaller dogs tend to live longer than larger dogs. According to scientists, this is because large dogs age at an accelerated pace. Unlike other large mammals (such as elephants, who tend to live for almost as long as humans), every 4.4 pounds of body mass tends to reduce a dog’s life expectancy by a month. So if you want a dog to accompany you for the better part of two decades, go for tiny breeds such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers, toy poodles or Pomeranians.

Slightly larger dogs like Shih Tzus and Lhasa Apsos tend to live equally long. Beagles, dachshunds, and Jack Russell terriers are also historically hearty, with members of each breed having been recorded to live 20 years or longer. And even though they’re larger, you can’t go wrong with a record-setting Australian sheepdog.

Here are the 10 longest-living dog breeds:


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Yorkshire terrier

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Shih Tzu

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Australian sheepdog

Jack Russell terrier

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Lhasa Apso

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