PSA: These 10 Dog Breeds Have the Highest Risk of Heat Stroke in Hot Weather

PSA: These 10 Dog Breeds Have the Highest Risk of Heat Stroke in Hot Weather

If you own one of these breeds, stay extra vigilant this summer! 

By Kristyn Pomranz

It’s officially summer, and that means it’s time for your annual reminder to take special care of your dog in the heat. No matter what type breed of dog you have, and no matter what type of environment you live in, too much warmth is extremely dangerous for your four-legged friend.

Heat stroke is often fatal—so you want to make sure you’re paying attention to your dog’s behavior when the temperature starts to spike. Closely monitor your dog during vigorous outdoor activities, and be especially vigilant on car trips. (And never, ever, EVER leave your dog in a non-moving vehicle—not even with the windows cracked, not even with the A/C running, and not even parked in the shade—NEVER.)

Although no dogs are immune to the effects of hot weather, there are some breeds that are much more susceptible to heat stroke: Brachycephalic dogs (those with flat faces) have a hard time panting efficiently, which is the primary way pups beat the heat. And heavy-coated dogs, obviously, will overheat much more quickly than short-haired dogs.


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