This Dog is Absolutely Ecstatic to Board the Bus for His First Day at Doggie School

This Dog is Absolutely Ecstatic to Board the Bus for His First Day at Doggie School

And *we* are ecstatic to watch his excitement!

By Stacy Lenz

Like a chemistry test next period that you forgot to study for, we have a lot of information to review in a short time about the video you are about to see.

It starts out with a positively joyous dog, excitedly dancing at the front door. As soon as the door is cracked even the teeniest bit open, our canine protagonist leaps down the steps, bounding towards an off-camera destination. And then we see it: The Doggie School Bus appears in frame and opens its doors to the enthusiastic pup pupil. You see the doggo board the bus and even the faintest snippet of his tail as he trots to the back to take his seat, presumably among the other cool dogs.

So to review: Doggie School exists, Doggie School buses exist, doggie bus stops exist, as do doggie bus drivers (who are disappointingly probably people, but we can’t really be sure from that video). This is all news to us. What other things are we missing out on? Does this cute dog go bark to school shopping? Do the dog students bring their teachers greenie bones if they want to suck up? Please tell us if there are doggie hall monitors. We are really desperate to know. Quite frankly, if there was a school that solely taught the logistics of Doggie School, we would enroll in a heartbeat.

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