Smart Dog Prepares for Hurricane Harvey with Giant Bag of Dog Food

Smart Dog Prepares for Hurricane Harvey with Giant Bag of Dog Food

Proof that dogs are just as resilient as humans!

By Kristyn Pomranz

As everyone knows by now, Hurricane Harvey is one of the most devastating storms to hit the United States in decades. With over fifty inches of rainfall and unprecedented flooding, FEMA has warned that disaster relief will take years.

[PSA: Donations to the Red Cross for those affected by Harvey can be made online, or text HARVEY to 90999.]

But it’s not just human lives that have been affected—animals from all over Texas have been in danger as well. And there is one photo of a dog named Otis from Sinton, Texas that has gone especially viral.

Just as many people ran to the grocery stores and stocked up on necessary goods, this golden retriever got an entire bag of dog food—and carried it safely home in his mouth.

The original poster—a neighbor named Tiele Dockens—told NBC News, “I don’t know where he got it from, but it was so funny.” (Dockens has since verified that Otis made it home safely to his human and is doing just fine.)

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