This Dog Got a 4th of July Manicure and Then We Realized How Many Dogs Have Manicures

This Dog Got a 4th of July Manicure and Then We Realized How Many Dogs Have Manicures

How did we not know that this was a thing?

By Stacy Lenz

Dogs are the greatest! We love everything about them: Their boundless enthusiasm, their wet noses, their floppy ears, their sharp, ever-growing claws.

Actually, wait, we could do without that last one. But while doing research on the aforementioned claws, we stumbled upon the most patriotic dog manicure we ever did see. Just in time for the Fourth of July! And that is the exact the moment we learned that America is the land of milk and honey and dog manicures, apparently.

When you realize your poodle has a flyer 4th of July manicure than you.#poodle #dogmanicure #cray

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This proud American dog isn’t the only one getting in on the #dogmanicure trend—in fact, we were astounded by just how many other polished pooch paws were out there! All over the country, people are painting their dogs’ nails, and in many cases, the dog mani perfectly matches the nails of their human. Now that we think about it, it totally makes sense. Who wouldn’t want a little #selfcare spa day with their furry BFFs?

This trend is so massive that it has even extended into the nail products themselves. Human nail polish can be toxic to dogs, but have no fear—dog nail polish now exists. Brands like Pawdicure make dog-safe nail polish in a variety of colors that come in a handy pen, which can only mean one thing: DOG NAIL ART. This is definitely a game changer in our previous less-than-positive feelings about dog claws.

Join us as we salute this patriotic pooch and the world he opened up to us of other equally groundbreaking pawicures!

Matching summer nails with my girl 🐾💅🏼

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Time for my manicure... #dogmanicure #pamperedpooch #whinny #whinnyeastern #bostonterrier #bostonterriersofinstagram

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Sometimes it's hard having such a laid-back dog! #dogmanicure #goldenretriever #dogsworld

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This happened... 😂 So cute!! 💕Blue paw-mani on this lil chihuahua. 🐶 @penny_foryourthoughts_

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Happy National Pet Day!#dogmanicure#lovemynails#lovemydog#adoptdontshop#dogsarefamilytoo#fourleggedfamily#manicure#pedicure

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