Dog with Rare Stomach Condition Gets Custom Throne to Help Her Digest Food

Dog with Rare Stomach Condition Gets Custom Throne to Help Her Digest Food

Now she sits and eats just like a person!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California seems to have become the arbiter of videos featuring rescue puppies that make us cry every time. (Please see such previous posts as A Shelter Dog Tried a Unicorn Puppuccino and Her Response was Literally Magical.) And today, they’re back with another doozy.

Duchess is a rescue puppy with a rare stomach condition called Megaesophagus which causes her to throw up everything she eats unless she is able to stay upright after meals. This means that she had to either sit on her hind quarters for a half hour (which would be nearly impossible) or a human had to hold her upright (which would be rather labor intensive).

So the good people at Bailey Chairs 4 Dogs—a wonderful non-profit that specializes in helping puppers with this particular condition—donated a personalized chair that helps keep Duchess vertical so that she’s able to digest her food. As such, she’s able to eat more and get much stronger and healthier—all while looking very proper at her little table.

If you’re interested in adopting Duchess, please visit Front Street Animal Shelter. And if you’re interested in learning more about Bailey Chairs, please visit Bailey Chairs 4 Dogs.

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