Proud Dog Parents Wear Their Puppy in a Miniature Denim Baby Carrier

Proud Dog Parents Wear Their Puppy in a Miniature Denim Baby Carrier

Just in case you needed to cheer up today.

By Kristyn Pomranz

In general, America is on the up and up when it comes to animal trends. But we’ve fallen woefully behind in one key area: pet transpo.

In Hong Kong, it’s a hot new trend to throw your fur babies into normal baby strollers. In Japan, they’re carrying around their dogs and cats in hoodies with built-in kangaroo pouches. And in Vietnam, it’s totally normal to wear your pet as a backpack.

Such is the case for Tran Quoc Tien, who loves to take his dogs with him everywhere. He has two dogs—Tony and Tiny—and they travel in Tran’s neon dog backpacks all over town.

Recently, Tiny delivered an “oops!” litter of puppies (don’t worry—she and Tony have since been fixed). Tran adopted the little puppers out to his family members with the exception of one named Teddy, who he’s keeping for himself.

And being quite the proud pet parent himself, Tran figured that Tiny and Tony might like to wear Teddy in the Vietnamese dog-backpack fashion—so he went ahead and made a miniature denim carrier for the new pup.

Suffice it to say, we are deceased from the cuteness:

C'mon, America! Hurry it up and get on board with the dog backpacks train so that we can get on board with the puppy backpacks for dogs train!

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