Donald Trump Reveals Ivanka Is His "Favorite" Kid...Here's Why

Donald Trump Reveals Ivanka Is His "Favorite" Kid...Here's Why

It's no secret within the family who the presidential hopeful loves the most. 

Aside from that weird “If Ivanka were’t my daughter I’d be dating her” comment from Donald Trump, it’s pretty clear she’s the favorite child of the presidential hopeful for many other reasons besides her beauty.

Even though he has five kids and shows love and support for all of them, it seems Donald has a particular affinity for his 34-year-old statuesque daughter. And at Wednesday night’s Republican National Convention it was clear why—Ivanka Trump dropped her usual poise and turned on Ted Cruz when he refused to endorse her dad, jabbing her finger in the air with an angry face after he declared, “Vote your conscience.”

While he was met with a chorus of boos, it was all eyes on Ivanka, then Donald, as he entered the Quicken Loans Arena to sit and chat with his daughter. Ivanka was also the one chosen to introduce her father for his big address which will close the convention tonight.

Donald often gushes about Ivanka and her business acumen—she runs the Trump Organization alongside her brothers, Eric and Donald Jr., and has a line of shoes, diamonds and clothes. She devotes her free time to speaking out for working women and is now a mom of three, Arabella Rose, 5, Joseph Frederick, 2, and Theodore James, 3 months. She has called her own life “chaotic,” but seems to be just as ambitious as her father. 

Ivanka has gushed about her dad publicly since he announced he was running for the republican ticket, and she has been front and center at nearly every important event, and has been on the road with her father, even immediately after giving birth to Theodore. She lives in a New York City Trump building with her family, including husband Jared Kushner, and graduated from her father’s alma mater, Wharton. 

She recently sat down with CNN to talk about her close relationship with her dad, saying he always picked up the phone for her, no matter how busy he was. 

“I was probably 10 years old and I called collect to the Trump Organization, which is hilarious,” she told CNN's Gloria Borger. “And he would pick up the phone every single time.”

And Donald exposed Ivanka to his high-powered world at a very young age. 

"It was colleagues, it was titans of industry, it was heads of countries,” she says. “He'd always tell everyone in the room how great a daughter I was and say cute things and ask me about a test I took.”

And she clearly doesn’t hold a grudge that he was very busy building his empire. 

“He always made us his top priority,” Ivanka said. “It doesn't mean he was home every night for dinner—he wasn't. He was working very hard. He was building an enormous business and he was in the early days of doing that when I was young and had a lot to prove to himself and to others, and he had big ambitions for himself. So, you know, he wasn't always physically present but he was always available.”

Even she admits she may have an advantage over her siblings when it comes to his love. 

“Part of the reason we have such a good relationship is because he respects me and because I'm candid in my opinions and I share them—solicited or otherwise,” she said.

Her brothers and sister know it too. In a 2015 interview with Barbara Walters, Donald Jr. Tiffany, and Eric openly admitted that Ivanka is their father’s “favorite child.”

Ivanka just smiled, saying, “I wish he would eat healthier and maybe slow down. Sometimes I tell him, like, ‘Oh, you have to, you know, slow down.’ But it’s the only speed he knows, and I kind of love that about him.”

Donald himself admitted he played favorites in a New York Magazine story years ago, saying he loves his daughter Tiffany but that Ivanka is his favorite. “Come on! Daddy’s little girl!” he said. 

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Personal Space is Bravo's home for all things "relationships," from romance to friendships to family to co-workers. Ready for a commitment? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.