Donut Walls Are the Latest Bizarre Donut Trend in a Donut-Filled Year

Donut Walls Are the Latest Bizarre Donut Trend in a Donut-Filled Year

Sometimes it pays to be a wallflower.

By Rachel C. Weingarten

It's been an epic year for donuts. Fried-dough holes have made headlines in the form of donut ice cream cones, everything-bagel donuts and even a 24-karat gold donut. And of course, who can forget Ariana Grande’s infamous donut-licking incident (not the White House, apparently).  

Now, make way for donut walls, which are basically exactly what they sound like: walls covered with donuts. Is this the ideal way to consume a donut, after it's been dangling off a hook in a giant event space?  Social media seems to think so, since ready-for-their-closeup donut walls are, predictably, popping up everywhere.

As it turns out, donut walls have a somewhat long-ish history and actually predate Instagram by a year. Culinary Consultant Caryl Chinn says donut walls date back to December 2009, when artist Jennifer Rubell debuted an edible art installation composed of 1,521 donuts hung in a grid formation. A variation of Rubell’s wall of baked treats even made an appearance at the L.A. County Museum of Art. At last year’s ESPY awards, an eight-foot high donut wall gained oohs and aahs (and was devoured). Fast-forward to this year, and donut walls are a fixture at everything from weddings to book parties, bridal showers and church gatherings.

If the idea makes you salivate, you'd better get yourself invited to a donut-wall-bedecked event asap. David Adler, CEO and Founder of, which tracks the event industry, says “donut walls symbolize the democratization of celebrityhood. It’s all about Instagram and taking the picture and showing off the experience." But he says the walls are destined to "go away too…until the next big thing.” Are bagel walls next? Hey, it's been a big year for bagels, too.

Meanwhile, a few donut wall riffs to ogle if you're so inclined:

That helpful "Donuts" sign can come in handy (if you're hammered?). Photo courtesy of Instagram/@georgeweddings.

Donut wall + dessert table = happiness?

Donut wall + antlers = what exactly?

A photo posted by @inthenow on

Note to Sarah and Ben: We know you only have eyes for each other, but those top ones are awfully hard to reach.

A photo posted by @kpyf on

You can't unsee that one, sorry.

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