5 Dope Ideas for Marijuana Tourists to Try Around the Country

5 Dope Ideas for Marijuana Tourists to Try Around the Country

Yes, it's all legal.

By Bryce Gruber

Now that it's April 20, it's a good time for a little lesson on 420 history and culture (not that you'll need it you're already an expert on the subject). Used as the universal pot-lovers' code for marijuana enjoyment, it's not actually the police code for smoking up as urban legend dictates — but it in fact dates to a few students in 1970s San Rafael, California.

Well, flash forward a few decades, and as many municipalities have begun decriminalizing marijuana use, 420 celebrations have grown (to to speak) way more mainstream and high-end. Here are a few of the greatest ways for tourists and jet setters to enjoy it —totally legally — around the country.

1. Stay at this 'special' B&B.

There's a BYOC — that's "bring your own cannabis" — policy at Bud + Breakfast in Denver, Colorado. This adorable little inn located in the Capital Hill neighborhood is walking distance from a variety of dispensaries and offers guests over 200 glass piece options ranging from pipes to bongs. It's no wonder the owner is raking in over $100,000 green ones (dollars, not buds) a month with this genius idea for the niche.

2. Visit the First Church of Cannabis.

You can work your weed in your daily prayers, because The First Church of Cannabis is opening today in Denver, where marijuana is legal. It's built in a 113-year-old church space, and decorated with colorful murals. According to the venue's own website, "The church is a focal point for people all around the world who wish to be a part of an organization that is accepting of cannabis use in one’s personal journey and search for meaning."

3. Have a posh pot brownie.

OK, OK — these pot brownies aren't actually laced with THC, but the playful marketing team at W Hotels still wants you to celebrate your 420 holiday in the most legal and local New York way, so they're loading guests up with brownies served in terra cotta pots at their Union Square, Times Square, and Downtown locations. You'll get a sugar high, and some 420-theme photos to light up your Instagram.

4. Try a weed-enhanced fine dining experience in Colorado.

Where can you find the intersection of haute cuisine and fresh green? On 420, StarChefs will host its inaugural Green Toque Supper Club meeting in Denver, and the dishes will be infused with all the bud-loving goodness an enthusiast might hope for. Cannabis will be incorporated into dishes via infused honey and olive oil amongst other ingredients, so guests are sure to leave fat and happy.

5. Plan an Oregon vacation.

Recreational marijuana use is legal in Oregon, so it's a safe state to celebrate 420 fully without risk of seeing jail time or having to call your mom for bail cash. You can take a Chalice farm tour to get down and dirty with the essence of green production, or just hang out at its cafe and nosh on edibles. Consider Oregon weed farm tours the Napa Valley girls' trip of marijuana.

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