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Dr. Pimple Popper Shares Her 6 Most Satisfying Pops

You probably shouldn't watch this on your lunch break.

We live in truly bizarre times. Space exploration continues to breed exciting new finds, self-driving cars are now a reality, and the internet has become a place where wonderful people like dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee — perhaps better known to you as Dr. Pimple Popper and the founder of SLMD Skincare — can share their art with the world. And by art, we mean stomach-turning, awe-inspiring, disgustingly satisfying video clips of pimple squeezes, blackhead extraction, and cyst punching and popping.

Considering the countless videos on her YouTube channel with titles like “blackhead goldmine,” “milia and beyond,” “potato bud on the head,” and “pilar cyst squirt,” it’s hard to imagine that Dr. Pimple Popper could possibly narrow down her favorites. But she has, and she’s done so exclusively for The Lookbook. Without further a-goo — ahem, ado — here are the top six most memorable moments of her career.

1. Kitchen Sink Plug Pop

“This is a mother daughter duo,” she said. “The mother came in for actually a skin cancer excision, but I noticed this huge, black blackhead on her back. It’s actually so huge, we have a different name for it. It’s called a dilated pore of winer. So when I numb this up to remove, it came out whole like one of those old-school kitchen sink plugs. It was amazing, so satisfying, and the banter between the mother and daughter is hilarious. They’re the cutest couple ever. You’ve got to check it out."

2. Mr. Wilson's Blackhead Emporium

“We have a series on [Mr. Wilson]. He's one of the first, one of the OG DPPs, and his blackheads are extremely satisfying,” said Dr. Lee. “They really validate the statement that I make often, which is that blackheads are like snowflakes—you never have one that's the same and you never know what to expect.”

3. The Never-Ending Ombre Blackhead

"When I talk about blackheads in general, my particular favorite — or my particular most satisfying type of blackhead — is what I like to call a blackhead ombre," Dr. Lee said. "This is a blackhead that is long enough that when you squeeze it, it starts to lighten up and turn a lighter color, so it gradually turns from black to white. That’s because the pore surface, where it’s exposed to air, is oxidized so it turns darker. This one is particularly satisfying because it’s a particularly long blackhead, and it’s ombre.”

4. Buttery Cysts

"I can't talk about my most satisfying pops without talking about Momma Squishy. A lot of my followers on my social media know who she is. She has a whole series of videos,” said Dr. Lee. “This is a wonderful woman who came to see me who has a lot of these bumps all over her body. They’re called steatocystomas, a type of cyst that’s filled with oil. It’s like a yellow oil; it looks a lot like butter, or that kind of variation. They’re really satisfying to remove because you can remove the entire contents, and you have to remove the really thin sac that it’s contained in. She enjoys it just as much as we enjoy watching it, so it’s really fun to see her reaction when we remove all these bumps from her.”

5. Mr. Pops Gets A Good Cleaning

“I have a whole series of videos on a gentlemen that I call Pops, and he is truly a special person to me and to a lot of the pop-aholics that follow my videos,” said Dr. Lee. “He's an older gentlemen who recently had lost his wife, and he talks to us about this loss, but at the same time he has the most amazing, very satisfying blackheads on his nose. The interesting thing is, through all this sadness we really were able to give him some joy. We started a Go Fund Me for him because of his financial distress, and people around the world donated over $14,000.”

6. World Record-Sized Blackhead Duo

“So let's talk about this one gentlemen's back that had two enormous blackheads—two huge dilated pore of winers,” said Dr. Lee. He's an older gentlemen whom I've seen a couple of times maybe for issues on his face, but we happened to give him more of a body exam. So I looked at his upper body, as well, and lo and behold he had two of the biggest blackheads that I’ve ever seen. One was as hard as a pebble, and they were really satisfying to remove. They essentially came out whole and they were huge.”

So there you have it! And if you're still not adequately grossed out and satisfied, rest easy knowing there's an entire channel of similar videos you can dig through at your leisure!

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