Drake and Jared Leto Say Yup, We've Hooked Up With Fans

Drake and Jared Leto Say Yup, We've Hooked Up With Fans

The rapper and the singer folded fast under interrogation.

By Marianne Garvey

All it took was one little game for both Drake and Jared Leto to admit they’ve gotten busy with a fan or two. 

The singer and the actor appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where they played Never Have I Ever with the host, who asked all about their private lives. 

Ellen started with a good one, asking the guys if they had ever “hooked up with a fan while on tour,” and held up her own paddle reading, “I have.”

Drake originally tried the Bill Clinton route (depends upon what the meaning of the word is, is) and asked what qualified as a “fan.” But, he eventually gave in and held up the "I Have” side of his paddle. Leto admitted to having done the same while on tour with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars.

Next up, they were both asked if they’ve sent naked selfies to anyone, but no one fessed up. Jared later admitted he sent a "dirty text" to the wrong person, but wouldn’t elaborate.

Both Drake and Jared easily admitted they have made out with women twice their age, as Drake put his hand on Ellen’s knee. 

"You want me to give you guys a minute?" Jared asked the duo.

On the last question, Jared admitted to having his whole body waxed, including a Brazilian, but only for his craft.

“For Joker and Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, I had to wax my entire body,” he said. “What are the odds? And one of them was full Brazilian, but I'm not going to say which.”

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