Just Dreaming About Cheating Can Bring Real Life Rage, It's True

Just Dreaming About Cheating Can Bring Real Life Rage, It's True

But it feels so real. 

By Marianne Garvey

When listing their dreams from over the past year, most people say that their dreams often repeat and that they are of a sexual or intimate nature.

In a new study for Amerisleep, the non-sexual repetitive dreams most people have are falling, running without being able to move, or teeth falling out. Those were stressful, but didn’t cause anger. Dreaming about your partner cheating actually caused the dreamer to get mad in real life.

“Dreams of cheating (either by you or by your partner) can indicate dissatisfaction in your relationship or a secret suspicion that your significant other may be seeing someone else in the real world,” reports the study. “Similarly, most people believed that their dreams of cheating on their significant others meant that they were facing a difficult decision. Roughly one in four women (and slightly more men) said they thought those dreams meant they secretly had feelings for someone else. Either way, dreams of infidelity didn’t exactly invoke visions of paradise.”

How men and women dream differently was also a subject of the survey. While men and women’s top five dreams were similar, topics began to diverge slightly further down the list. “Nearly a third of women had dreamed that their significant other had cheated on them within the past year, though this scenario didn’t top men’s lists.”

Dreams of cheating on your significant other made the list of women’s most common dreams (roughly a quarter of them), though this didn’t make the most common list for men.

What did was breaking the law. This occurred in the dreams of one in five men, yet this imagery was absent from women’s most common visions.

Dreams generally happen in the REM (rapid eye movement )part of the sleep cycle and begin about 90 minutes after you fall asleep.

“According to at least one clinical psychotherapist, dreaming is how our conscious mind and our unconscious mind communicate with one another. With that thread of logic, nobody else can ever truly understand what your dreams may be trying to tell you specifically, and even the most basic dreams could be relaying something personal. Other experts also recommend keeping a log or a journal of your dreams to help you remember them more easily over time,” says the study.

People who got five or fewer hours of sleep were 20 percent more likely to have nightmares most nights, but overall, dreams tend to represent quality sleep and sleep health, according to experts on the subject.

The survey asked over 1,000 people in the United States about their most common dreams from the past year.

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