Drool Over 5 of the Most Outrageous Celebrity-Owned Yachts

Drool Over 5 of the Most Outrageous Celebrity-Owned Yachts

We're still waiting for our invites ...

By Karen Gardiner

We were rather surprised recently to see pictures of Kate Moss enjoying her vacation on a luxury yacht. Not that she's is a stranger to hanging out on superyachts, but rather it was her choice of company that raised our eyebrows: Sarah Ferguson (the Duchess of York) and random billionaire David Tang. Not exactly our first pick for best traveling besties.

Granted Kate had wisely chosen to eschew her regular host Sir Philip Green, the owner of fashion brand Top Shop and superyacht Lionheart, who is currently embroiled in so much scandal he may have his knighthood revoked — but we still think she must have a standing invitation to far more interesting yacht parties. Perhaps on one of these celeb-owned boats?

1. J.K Rowling's Amphitrite

At the beginning of this year J.K Rowling threw down £22 million on Amphitrite, a 156-foot liner previously owned by a certain Johnny Depp (Kate Moss' ex, lest we forget) who is known to have invited such celeb friends as Brangelina aboard. And now she's already put it up for sale. On board, there's plenty of room for parties: The three-deck yacht has five cabins and came with watersports equipment and a home cinema.

2. Steven Spielberg's Seven Seas

The 282-foot Seven Seas is well fitted-out for cinephiles. It has an infinity pool with a 15-foot glass wall that can be converted into a cinema screen, in case guests really want to watch Jaws while swimming. For those who would prefer to stay dry while watching a Spielberg classic, there's also an indoor cinema, as well as helipad, Jacuzzi and spa.

3. Bono's Kingdom Come

The U2 frontman is justly famed for his philanthropy — having helped establish such projects as Product Red and the ONE Campaign — but he's also not afraid to treat himself from time to time. The 160-foot super yacht known as The Cyan is often thought to belong to Bono, but it actually belongs to his bandmate, The Edge. Bono's yacht is a bigger one, naturally, measuring 198 feet, and has nine cabins fitting up to 18 people — including recent guests Isla Fisher and husband Sacha Baron Cohen who took it for a spin around Cannes.

4. Diane Von Fürstenberg's Eos

Much ado is made about the opulent yachts owned by the fashion designers Georgio Armani and Roberto Cavalli but, as ever, you can rely on DVF for a touch of elegance: Eos is basically the wrap dress of the seas. Measuring a whopping 305 feet, it's also one of the biggest private yachts in the world and is graced with a figurehead of the woman herself. The boat is co-owned by the fashion designer and her husband, billionaire media mogul Barry Diller and its deck was recently trodden by the feet of our very own Andy Cohen.

5. Roman Abramovich's The Eclipse

No list of billionaire-owned yachts could leave out that of the ridiculously wealthy Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich, rumored to have cost him $1.5billion. At 556 feet The Eclipse is the second biggest private yacht in the world — having recently been, erm, eclipsed by the 590 foot Azzam, owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates. Abramovich's yacht has hosted the likes of Kendall Jenner, holidaying couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom and, separately, rumored odd couple Vladimir Putin and Wendi Deng. With its two pools, two helicopter pads and an anti-paparazzi shield system, it's a perfect fit for vacationing celebs and world leaders. The vessel even boasts a missile defense system, bullet-proof windows and armor plating around Abramovich’s master suite. Just because you're paranoid, as they say, doesn't mean they aren't after you.

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Jet Set is Bravo's launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. Ready for takeoff? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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