Eating Fruits and Vegetables Makes You As Happy As Getting a New Job, Scientific Study Says

Eating Fruits and Vegetables Makes You As Happy As Getting a New Job, Scientific Study Says

All it takes is eight a day? Sign us up.

By The Feast Staff

It's safe to say that by now, we all know that eating fruits and vegetables is key to a healthy lifestyle. Unless of course we're eating the wrong kind of fruits and vegetables, but that's another story. We've had veggies and fruits pushed on us in various forms since we were two years old, but at the time we weren't as inclined to try out the tasting menu at the new "vegetable-forward" restaurant. Now, we've landed on what must be the most convincing reason of all to load up on the produce, and it's not just about the nutrients and the fiber. It's about happiness—like, say, the kind of happiness you feel when, according to a new scientific study, you go from being unemployed to employed.

The research, conducted at the University of Warwick in England and the University of Queensland in Australia, is "one of the first major scientific attempts to explore psychological well-being beyond the traditional finding that fruit and vegetables can reduce risk of cancer and heart attacks," says the Science Daily briefing. "Happiness benefits were detected for each extra daily portion of fruit and vegetables up to 8 portions per day." The study will be published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Unlike other veggie-and-fruit-related health benefits that can take decades to cash in on, the happiness effect is much faster. The study looked at 12,385 people, and noted the psychological shift within 24 months. 

More good news might be on the way too: "The academics think it may be possible eventually to link this study to current research into antioxidants which suggests a connection between optimism and carotenoid in the blood."

So if you've been thinking of quitting your job and opening up that smoothie shop, there's never been a better time.

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