This "Well-Behaved" Duck on an Airplane Briefly Made Everything Right With the World

This "Well-Behaved" Duck on an Airplane Briefly Made Everything Right With the World

Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt even dressed up for the occasion.

By Alesandra Dubin

Pantsless passengers. Creepy dolls occupying their own seats. A couple who lucked into an entire jet to themselves. Just when we’d thought we’d seen it all in commercial air travel — good, bad, and ugly — comes a new story that is warming the hearts of animal lovers, people who need a break from the indignities of flying coach, and people everywhere who could generally use a happy tale right now.

A duck named Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt — if that’s a mouthful, just use his super-chill nickname Daniel the Duck — became famous this weekend when he flew two commercial airplane flights, much to the delight of fellow passengers.

The duck is an emotional support animal for Carla Fitzgerald, who suffers from PTSD since a 2013 accident. The duck accompanied his owner (mother? pal?) on flights from Milwaukee to Charlotte, North Carolina, and from Charlotte to Asheville, North Carolina, according to ABC News.

"Everyone just took notice of him and fell in love," the passenger told the outlet. "I mean, he's an adorable, funny, and sweet little guy. He was very well behaved at the airport and during the flight.”

And passengers indeed were pretty psyched at their surprise seatmate.

Oh, but it gets better: "I think his little red shoes and Captain America diaper were also really well received.” Yup, sold.

Turns out it was Fitzgerald’s first time flying since the accident, and she said she was nervous, but Daniel's "hugs and kisses" gave her the "comfort and confidence" she needed to get through.

Now, please enjoy a three-second video that will make your day.

Now back to your regularly scheduled fretting over world affairs.

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