This Company Pays Employees a Monthly Bonus for Each Rescue Cat They Adopt

This Company Pays Employees a Monthly Bonus for Each Rescue Cat They Adopt

As if you needed more incentive!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Bonuses are tricky business. Maybe you’re working on commission or you have to meet certain metrics or you just have to have a really good attitude around the office.

But at Ferray Corporation, an IT company based in Tokyo, all you have to do is rescue a cat for a little extra pocket change. The monthly “cat bonus” pays 5,000 yen (about $45), and all participants are encouraged to bring their cats to the office—which is equipped with plenty of “litter stations”—every single day. The incentive is meant to improve employees’ quality of life while also helping to reduce the stray population.

The feline-focused company has nine official “office cats” which they believe improve productivity and reduce stress. The company’s CEO, Hidenobu Fukuda, has said that the number one quality they’re looking for in new hires is “love of felines.”

You can follow the office kitties on their official Twitter @v_ume.

Animal-forward office policies are becoming more and more prevalent. A recent study revealed that 20% of companies now have pet-friendly policies, with 7% of employers allowing pets at the office (up 5% from 2012). One UK-based company even offers Puppy Parental Leave!

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